Innovation only matters if it improves the current state

CaraCom Group is a Finnish company whose products are based on a strong vision, technical expertise as well as the practical experience of the security needs of, for example, the construction and industrial sectors. We wish to make new security tools available to everyone.

  • First-rate technical solutions
  • Streamlined deployment, extensive integration capabilities
  • 24/7 technical maintenance of the services

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Technical solution and data security

CaraID Facial recognition

  • Removes the need for keys and access cards as well as the problems associated with them
  • Easy to install, a convenient solution for monitoring various facilities
  • Reliable authentication, market-leading technology
  • Personal protection: facial images are not transmitted to the Internet
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CrewCare Worksite management and safety

  • Only €9/month/user + installation on the site
  • Automated access control without inspections
  • Employee authentication: integrated into the Valtticard database
  • Forwarding and completing work tasks
  • Online detection and elimination of safety threats
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Technical solution and data security

  • Personal data protection: GDPR audited
  • 24/7 technical maintenance of the service
  • High-performance servers, located in Finland
  • Fibre-optic cable connections to the national core network
  • Duplicate communications
  • Fault-tolerant, duplicate server environment
  • High-quality virus protection and firewalls
  • Certified database
  • Client protection: company’s connection ID, username and password