Simply the most sensible solution for access control

CaraID facial recognition:

  • no more trouble with lost keys and access cards
  • developed in Finland, protects your personal data
  • the easiest way to authenticate, deployment in 1 day

Simply the most sensible solution for access control

Facial recognition technology eliminates problems related to access control, such as lost keys and access cards as well as misuse. Unlike cards or keys, you cannot change or lose your face. Facial recognition is the most effortless system for the person who needs to be identified as well as the organisation. The CaraID management system and comprehensive solution are produced by CaraCom. Facial recognition is based on the most advanced technology on the market, which is approved by, for example, the US Administration.

Facial images are not transmitted to the Internet

Personal data is under strong protection. Facial images are neither saved nor transmitted to the Internet. The system transforms the image into a unique biometric map that is compared to the mathematical models of images previously saved in the database. If a person cannot be identified, their photo is displayed on a local computer for as long as is needed to identify the person with a parallel authentication method (such as code) or through manual identification.

How to improve the efficiency of visitor authentication

Example of use from reception services: visitors on the premises can be identified quickly and automatically when the reception services utilise facial recognition.  Visitors personally add their photographs to the service from a link available in the invitation. When the visitor arrives on your premises, the facial recognition technology identifies them automatically and the event host receives a confirmation of their arrival. If necessary, the visitor can remove their data from the CaraID service immediately after the event.

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Additional security through integration with other systems

Seamless security always requires the combination of several authentication methods. CaraID facial recognition can be integrated with the majority of the current systems. It can also be linked with authentication through, for example, an identification number, card, fingerprint, location, SMS or key.

Facial recognition is suitable for many kinds of security needs

  • premises with limited access to the public
  • office premises
  • public administration premises
  • leisure facilities, such as gyms (replaces gym cards)
  • worksites
  • schools, day-care centres and nursing homes


Technical solution and data security

  • Personal data protection: GDPR audited (Tilaajavastuu)
  • 24/7 technical maintenance of the service
  • High-performance servers, located in Finland
  • Fibre-optic cable connections to the national core network
  • Duplicate communications
  • Fault-tolerant, duplicate server environment
  • High-quality virus protection and firewalls
  • Certified database
  • Client protection: company’s connection ID, username and password

“To ensure safety, we need to know for certain and in real time as to how many persons are in the area, who they are and where they are moving.  This is crucial information that rescue personnel need in case of an accident,” says Santtu Harjuhaahto, CEO of CaraCom Group Oy.