Experience, insight and technical prowess

CaraCom Group Oy Ldt is a security-focused Finnish software company that is firmly rooted in the construction business and industrial sector. Our mission is to ensure that workplaces remain accident-free. We make the latest security technology tools available to operators of all sizes.

  • Founded in 2017
  • Specialises in security software
  • A leading developer of facial recognition technology in the Nordic countries
  • A Finnish company owned by effective management, construction firms and investment companies


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Caracom Group Oy Ltd

Tuomipakkaintie 5-9, LTP 2
85100 Kalajoki, Finland

Köydenpunojankatu 14
20100 Turku, Finland

Call us: +358 400 156 615

E-mail: info@caracom.fi

Business ID: 2848766-6

It all began in industrial fieldwork

The first page of CaraCom’s story was written years ago when Santtu Harjahaahto along with his partners worked in industrial and construction fieldwork in the roles of regular workers, supervisors and managers. Safety at work was compromised way too often through a lack of time.  We spent many nights pondering over safety issues. We, too, had some close calls.

When we later joined forces with the experienced technology professionals from Nokia, we gained a clear understanding of what we would do. Using the latest technology, CaraCom makes security systems for everyday needs that solve real-life security challenges. We also decided that, through our operations, our solutions must remain competitive in terms of costs to ensure that they are realistically available to smaller companies in addition to large operators.

At CaraCom, we hope that advanced technical solutions will help improve safety at work considerably across all fields of operation. If our solutions help to avoid even one severe accident, our efforts have truly paid off!